Ottone Pesante + Punk/Metal Afterparty

aus Italy

Ottone Pesante + Punk Afterparty

Join us at the start of the year for a concert, packed chuckfull with heavy rythms, powerfull brass sounds and driving percussions. Ottone Pesante (Heavy Brass in italian) is a unique and incredible band: trumpet, trombone and drums playing metal, making a huge step beyond the traditional idea of Extreme Metal, based on the classic sound of Bass and Guitar. With more than 350 shows all over Europe through 18 countries in just 4 years, Ottone Pesante is currently destroying a lot of boundaries between Metal, Jazz, Brass and Avant-Garde genres.

Afterwards there will be an Afterparty with loads of punk . . .

Find your tickets here:

Brass/Metal/Punk from Faenza, Italy; since 2015


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