Powder for Pigeons + Astroboy

Stoner Rock

Powder for Pigeons (Australia / Germany)
As fate would have it, 2013 had a magnetic pull that would bring Australian singer and guitarrist Rhys and female German drummer Meike from opposite ends of the earth together. In a way that is dowsed in a whole lotta love and the desire to create a wall of rock and filth. The nature of this beast was to rear it’s head which resulted in the birth of Powder for Pigeons … this is how it all unfolded.


is a FuzzPop three piece from Berlin/Germany. Their biggest influences are every other music, friendship,freedom, struggle, highs and downers and disturbing TV advertises from back then, in the nineties.
Aaron(guit/voc), Manu(bass) and Nick(drums) mix epic riffloops with soothing melodies & punkrockethics with pop.
They claim to be minimalistic but strong – and sometimes brute – in impression. The trio is a wild animal, going for the feeling rather than overthinking.
Broken down: it ́s a very high energy punk rock kicking pop in the mud – and sure they leave that special smell… ASTROBOY

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